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Created on 2009-05-20 03:43:07 (#368457), last updated 2009-05-20 (435 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Nov 11, 1979
Location:San Diego, California, United States of America
Favorite things to do in real life when I'm not playing World of Warcraft: Cook, watch tv shows like Scrubs or House, venture forth into the world for irl adventures such as parks or the beach or San Diego Zoo, have mindblowing sex at least three times a day, listen to music and sing along terribly - while mortifying innocent bystanders, bore the hell out of all my friends by posting random updates on my LJ, stalk people I may or may not know irl via their LJ, myspace, or facebook, find the perfect balance of cleaning house the bare minimum to make it seem like I've been productive, hit the refresh button on my LJ friends page every 5 minutes, and comment to random LJ communities whilst inadvertantly coming off as a complete ass.

I am pregnant and expecting 1/22/10.
I am a newlywed lovey dovey junkie who was formerly skeptical but recently sold on the concept of soulmates.
I am a WoW nerd gamer girl who is recovering from hardcore-itis.
My favorite band is Floater a local band from Eugene, OR.
I am a free thinking leftie politically who votes for the issues but often lands to the left of my leftie SO.
I was brought up Hindu, I dabbled in Wicca, and now I consider myself a pagan deist of sorts suffering from an overabundance of belief but lack of structure.
I am a tattooed new age boho hippie who was reared to value crunchiness such as breastfeeding, green living, and attatchment parenting; my son is uncircumsised.
I ♥ Midwives and doulas; for a good read check out Homebirths are fun! Slings and cloth diapers are love.
I am hopelessly and forever an idealist on a realists' salary.
I love dogs but for some reason always end up owning cats.
I grew up surrounded by the ocean and the redwood forest and I miss it terribly, but I'm glad I don't live there anymore.
I love shopping - thrift store, clearance sale, bargain hunting shopping. I'm addicted to online shopping on crafty sites such as and Support self employed crafty people who make unique affordable items! Bling and brand names do not concern me.
I hate high heels but like low cut tops and showing off my boobs; might as well while I still can! But I think my best feature is actually my brain.
I am a recovering packrat who utilizes to cut down on clutter.
Heaven is hot baths, foot rubs, making love, rain on my window, or giggling fits.
I'd love to loose a few pounds, but I can't seem to stop shoving chocolate in my mouth long enough to fit a good workout into my day.
I am a Scorpio and an INFP. I have Aspergers which in layman's terms basically means there is a medical explaination for my social ineptness. My daughter Gwennie has High Functioning Autism.
I love meeting new people online and experiencing different viewpoints. I love a good debate so bring it on!

Interests (140):

armed forces, army, asperger's, attatchment parenting, authentic people, baby slings, bad taste, bad timing, being lazy, being productive, blogging, books, breastfeeding, camping, cartoons, cash, cats, chatting, children, chinese food, cloth diapers, coffee, comedic situations, complexity, concerts, cooking, curses, curvy girls, dancing, dark chocolate, david lynch, dead can dance, deep conversation, drawing, evolution, family, fire, fog, food, foot massages, friends, gaelic, geeks, giggling, guitar, haiku, herbal tea, hiking, history, honesty, hot baths, humboldt county, individuality, intelligent discussions, internet, invader zim, irony, italian food, jay and silent bob, jewelry making, johen vasquez, jthm, kids, lacking common sense, laughter, learning, life, lightning, literature, live concerts, lost civilizations, love, low maintenance, low-cut tops, loyalty, lucid dreaming, magick, medieval, midwifery, military wife, monty python, movies, music, myspace, mythology, navy, nin, novels, ocean, oregon, parallel universe, parenting, philosophy, photography, pleasure, poetry, quentin terantino, rain, randomness, reading, realism, redwoods, religions, remembering my dreams, resonance, road trips, roleplaying, romance, rpg's, sailing, san diego, sarcasm, science fiction/fantasy, scrubs, sewing, sex, sleeping, society for creative anachronism, sociology, space, star trek, star wars, stimulating conversation, summer, tattoos, the universe, thrift shops, tool, trust, uncircumcised, united states military, water, weird people, world of warcraft, writing, yoda, yoni, yuri, zim, zuluhed
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